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While there are many similarities between laser probes these days, we have focused on several key performance areas to deliver a significant improvement to your endo-photocoagulation experience.

Our probes are compatible with Alcon, Iridex, Coherent, Zeiss, Ellex, B&L and some DORC models.

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Laser Probes



23ga Max Reach 3.jpg
  • Smooth extension and retraction of curve

  • Curve angle beyond 90 degrees

  • Farthest peripheral access/reach on the market

VS0140.23 - 23ga MAXReach Laser Probe

VS0140.25 - 25ga MAXReach Laser Probe

VS0140.27 - 27ga MAXReach Laser Probe

Sterile, 5/bx

23ga Flex Tapered 3.jpg
  • Fixed flexible nitinol curve allows easy access through rigid cannula systems

  • 42 degrees of access into the eye

VS0130.23 - 23ga Flex-Tip Laser Probe

VS0130.25 - 25ga Flex-Tip Laser Probe 

Sterile, 5/bx


23ga Curved Laser Probe 3.jpg
  • Curve angle of 34 degrees for easier access to peripheral retina

  • Available gauges: 27ga, 25ga, 23ga

VS0120.23 - 23ga Curved Laser Probe

VS0120.25 - 25ga Curved Laser Probe

VS0120.27 - 27ga Curved Laser Probe

Sterile, 5/bx


23ga Straight Laser Probe 3.jpg
  • Direct access to posterior pole

  • Available gauges: 27ga, 25ga, 23ga

VS0110.23 - 23ga Straight Laser Probe

VS0110.25 - 25ga Straight Laser Probe

VS0110.27 - 27ga Straight Laser Probe

Sterile, 5/bx

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